by geri

A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented lesson plan in which most or all the information that students work with comes from the web. PEERMENT has produced various WebQuests that will serve a resource for teachers who want to integrate ESD in their teaching. During peer-mentoring sessions teachers are invited to share their experiences of using WebQuests with their students. To what extent do WebQuests contribute to critical thinking and transformative learning? Try them out and let us know.

Students working on WebQuests

Works of the students on the Webquest Essere consumatori consapevoli

Sustainable Fashion

Women’s Equality

Essere consumatori consapevoli

Sviluppo sostenibile – ridurre le disuguaglianze

Biodiversity invasive species in Primorska

Biodiversity Matters

Biodiversity Soča trout

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Conscious Consumers

Electric vehicles

Globalni prosvjed za klimu

Mali zeleni knowledge caffe


Održivi razvoj u e-učionici prilagodba projekta UZBRDO

Plant a tree, don_t be a stump

Posadi drvo ne budi panj

Sustainable development in e-classes of project Uphill

WebQuests Introductin Breza

Wind energy

Agenda 2030

Biodiversità e Cambiamento Climatico

Climate Change in Small Island Developing States MLAL

Green energy

In the 21st century we all are migrants MLAL

Le microplastiche

Essere consumatori consapevoli La tecnologia

Le cause dei cambiamenti climatici

Le piogge acide

Food Packaging

Pay me for what I do

Food Waste

How Green is the Energy mix of the Maltese islands

Responsible citizens through ‘water’ consumption

How easy is it for you to access healthy, clean and fair Food