PEERMENT Partners’ Experiences

by geri

This essay “Mentoring and Peer Mentoring in teachers’ training: Good practices in the EU – PEERMENT Partners’ Experiences” starts with clarifying terminology to be used, and proceeds with an outline of mentoring and of Education for Sustainable Development, hereafter used with its acronym ESD. It then describes twelve good practices of Mentoring and Peer-mentoring existing in Europe for initial and in-service teachers’ training, identified by the PEERMENT partners. Some of these good practices are put in action in single schools; others are working at a level of national school systems.

After having identified these good practices, we set out to analyse them to see what appears more effective for the development of transversal competences and most relevant to Peer-Mentoring for ESD.  All the practices described followed a common grid agreed by partners, to make it possible to individuate and compare the most relevant aspects. This grid is included in appendix 1.

The last chapter of the essay summarizes what PEERMENT intends to underline and take into consideration for the construction of the new model.